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She was waiting for her beloved one, who was far away, first in the army, and then serving on the Venetian galley. Her stepmother arranged to marry her off to some other suitor, but the maiden persisted on staying faithful to her love. For that reason, she left her home and hid in monasteries. One day, on a crag by the sea, near Budva, she met the man she was supposed to marry. He wanted to take her away, but, in her heart, there was only one true love. Having nowhere to escape, she leapt from the crag into the sea. When she could not be with the one she loved, she did not want to be with anyone else. From that time on, the crag has been known as the Maiden Leap.

Stefan and Ruža (Rose), pastrovic's Romeo and Juliet. One blushful look that burst the flame of love in their hearts will become their pledge and determine their fate. With heart full of loyalty and love for her man, who went away in bitterness and vengefulness, she even changed her religion, and defying the threat to marry the unloved, she had choosen to leap - into the azure space of sky and sea, into the freedom - and into the death. Someone said: "Maiden leapt"... and silence. This cape, below the monastery Reževići and between Petrovac and Sveti Stefan, is nowdays called Skočiđevojka. It suggests freedom of movement, the emancipation, that, in this area, meant, and often means today, simply the impossibility of existence for a woman.


Design: Denis Kurtovic